PT. Kurnia Adijaya Mandiri


Q : Can you supply accessories of tower ?
A : If there's a work order of steel tower manufacture, ME, and etc, we including : Obstruction Light (OBL), etc.
Q : Do you have enough tower production per month ?
A : Our capability in fabrication capacity is 370 tons per month, but itís expandable in future.
Q : Do your staffs are the capable staffs in steel tower manufacture field ?
A : Some of them are experienced staffs in this field. For the others we organize a training of it.
Q : If your company as tower Fabrication, what is your specialize field in Tower Project ?
A : Steel Tower manufacture, Production of OBL - Lighiing System, delivery to site & installation.
Q : Do you have any experience in Tower / Transmission Project ?
A : TINEM Telkomsel Project for Kalimantan Area Waru, Berau, Makajang, Kenanga, Samarinda Blpp, Samarinda Tenggarong, Bontang Sangata, PKT, Lambung Mangkurat II, Bukuan.
Q : Do you have on - going project in current time ?
A : Steel Tower manufacture, delivery, installation, and CME.
Q : Other than field experience do you have any training program with your key staff ?
A : Course : SAP-90 and Microstarn for Tower Design.
Q : Have you ever experience any complaint from your previous contracts ?
A : We have no certificate yet for galvanized work, but there's a solution :
We allow the owner project to enter the warehouse for actual inspection of it.
Q : Have you experience any delayed with your previous contracts ?
A : We tried with 2 ( two ) shift working at factory.
Q : Are you willing to work in a tight schedule ?
A : Yes.
Q : Do you always achieve your delivery schedule ?
A : Yes.
Q : Will you allow our representative to enter in your office and Warehouse premises for actual investigation ?
A : Yes.
Q : Are you available at all times in case of coordination and negotiation ?
A : Yes.